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About us by L.K.Lewis

The inception of L.K.Lewis Jewellery is a story of passion, creativity, and a shared vision that took shape at the intersection of artistry and ambition.

In the year 2021, nestled amidst the realms of inspiration and dedication, L.K.Lewis Jewellery was brought to life by a dynamic team driven by a singular purpose. The founders Kirsten & Jaser, embarked on a journey to create a Jewellery brand that transcends adornment and becomes an intimate expression of individuality.

At L.K.Lewis Jewellery, we craft more than just exquisite pieces; we curate stories that linger on the skin and linger in the heart. Established with a passion for celebrating life's precious moments, we bring a touch of elegance, artistry, and timeless beauty to your world.

♥ Concept
Jewellery that celebrates our deep connection to nature. We are all formed, shaped, and joined by the awesome forces and elements of nature.
Wood. Fire. Earth. Water. Metal.
Our Jewellery gives honor and reverence to this relationship. Every piece, with its Heaven and Earth inspired form, colour, and originality has a story to tell. We do not manufacture mass-produced goods, all our Jewellery is handmade and limited.
♥ Design
We are all beaten, burnt, oxidised, and smoothed by nature. So too is our Jewellery. With palms, scratches, and roots masterfully forged into each unique piece.
Wood. Fire. Earth. Water. Metal.
Which element calls to you? Each design is unisex. So, let your soul decide.
♥ Quality
We use only the highest quality metals to reflect the divine nature of Heaven and Earth.
Classic polished 925 Sterling Silver, Vermeil made of 925 Sterling Silver plated with Gold at least 18 or 21 karats, beaten, burnt, oxidized, brushed and hammered. Each piece is almost all handmade, unique, pure, free, and open as the person wearing it.
Each piece hand crafted to embody our world’s natural elements. Delicately inspected to assure the highest tribute to our Earth.
♥ Factories
Our relationship with our factories is a partnership based on strong shared values, technical expertise and focus on continual improvement. We've carefully chosen this select group of factories for their impeccable attention to quality, use of sustainable materials and ethical work practices.
♥ About
Just like the branches of a tree intertwine and connect at the root, so to we are connected to every branch of our business. What feeds and waters our partners also nourishes us.
L.K.Lewis supports transparency and fair trade production. Our Jewellery is designed and manufactured at our partner factories, we know every employee personally and together we strive for a higher standard of business.
♥ Diversity
When the sun shines, it shines on everyone. Same goes for the wind blowing and the waters raging. Mother Earth does not discriminate. And neither do we.
L.K.Lewis supports diversity of genders, sexes, cultures, species, and all things individual.
♥ Founders
Jewellery is not optional for us. It’s a necessity. Like water, air, and earth. We formed L.K.Lewis to combine our passion for love and beauty with our deeply felt connection to the natural world. More than just a place of work, it’s our place of wholeness, where we feel alive. We create jewellery in celebration of the elements that made us, and which connect us one to another, and in appreciation of our roots.
With each piece, we wish you joy, friendship, positivity, and awareness of our sublime bond to nature and each other.
Kirsten & Jaser
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