• Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship worldwide. Shipping costs and delivery times vary depending on where the jewellery is shipped to. We only ship climate neutral with DHL GoGreen.


• What is your return policy?
You have the right to cancel your order and send back the items within 30 days without giving any reason. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.
For further information please read our returns policy.


• To register your return, please click the link below!


Please note that we can currently only offer this service for returns within Germany. For all other returns, please contact our customer service as before.

• When can I expect my refund?
We usually process refunds within 2-3 business days. Your bank or credit card company may require additional time to clear the funds back to your account.
We will notify you via email when we’ve processed the returned product(s) and you will receive your refund via the same method you used to pay for the product(s).

• How can I get my ring size?

Please check our ring size chart and video.


Please note that our Jewellery is almost all handcrafted. As a result, there may be small differences within a size. From morning to night, the size that fits on your finger or arm may also change, possibly by up to one size.
We recommend to you, to better choose a little bigger than too small!

• Will the cuffs fit my wrist?
All the cuffs are malleable and fit most wrist sizes. Specific sizes are listed on their respective product pages.

• I just got my ring, love it but it doesn't fit! What do I do?
please check our returns policy


• How should I clean my Jewellery?
There are many different ways to clean your jewellery. It depends on the quality, with or without oxidation and the type of Gold plating.
Therefore, please inform yourself on the internet or send us an email to info@lk-lewis.com before cleaning your Jewellery.

• Which type of material do you use?
We use only the highest quality metals. Classically polished 925 Sterling Silver plated with at least 18 or 21 carats gold, beaten, burnt, oxidised, brushed and hammered. Each piece is handmade, unique, pure, free and open like the person wearing it.
925 Sterling Silver is at least 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% other metals to increase its strength and durability. Through careful selection and processing, we ensure that the Silver retains its natural beauty and meets the highest quality standards. Whenever possible, we also use recycled 925 Sterling Silver.
L.K.Lewis Jewellery is completely nickel-free. As our 925 Sterling Silver is made without nickel, our Jewellery can also be worn by allergy sufferers without hesitation.

• Gold plating, what is it?
Gold plating (Vermeil) has prescribed standards for the materials used - it must be at least 10-karat Gold and high-quality Sterling Silver. In addition, all visible sides must be plated with Gold, and the plating must have a thickness of at least 2,5 microns. Like Oxide, Gold plating (Vermeil) can also fade away over time, depending on use.
L.K.Lewis uses only 925 Sterling Silver and at least 18 or 21 carats Gold to ensure the highest quality standards.

• Why do the same pieces of Jewellery sometimes look a slightly different?
Our Jewellery is almost all handmade, slight variations in the colour of the Oxide, hammering or scratching are therefore unavoidable.
This is what makes each piece unique!

• Why does Oxide fade?
To create our oxidized pieces, we oxidize the Silver until it turns grey or black. Oxidation is a process that happens to Silver naturally, we just speed up the process. Every oxidized piece of Jewellery is different and has tones of dark grey to black.
The oxidation is designed to fade over time to make your piece unique to you and your experiences. As you wear it, the oxide will fade to the natural colour of the Silver.
Depending on how often you wear your piece, the oxidation can wear off at different speeds. To keep your piece looking oxidated longer we recommend you keep it dry and away from perfumes and lotions. 

• Where is L.K.Lewis Jewellery made?
We produce all our Jewellery at our partner workshops. This with 100% transparency, we know every person who works for us and on our Jewellery personally. Our designs are all made by hand using only high-quality materials.

• Can I also buy your Jewellery in a physical shop?
You can buy L.K.Lewis products either here in our online shop or at JAY in Garden 8 and Cairo Festival. Our pop-up store opens regularly at different locations in Egypt! For more information, stay tuned or follow us on Instagram or Facebook! :-)

• Are you on social media?
We sure are - hit us up!! Check out our @Instagram and @Facebook sides.

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